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We purchase all types of surplus bearing inventories from all types of industries.

We purchase both small lots and large lots

We require no credit to purchase your surplus bearings - Bearing Sales & Purchase Ltd pays in full, upon receipt of the materials.

If you are in the position of having surplus bearings, all you need to do is forward a listing stating the quantities, part numbers and brands. Upon receipt of your surplus bearing listing, the listing will be priced and an offer will be made within 48 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.
Regards, and have a nice day.

Philip Birmingham,
Bearing Sales & Purchase Ltd

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584 Neal Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 6X7

Phone:  (705) 740-2525    Toll Free:  1-800-461-7775    Fax:  (705) 740-2367

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